Friday, August 18, 2017

Svalbard, day 3

170818 Another day full of experiences and adventures, first ”ATV safari to Adventdalen 08:00 3,5 h” and then ”Arctic cycling with electric fatbike 13:00 5h” We drove along past the polar bear warning sign on dusty roads in a neat row, it felt quite ok, but not so adventourus since we had to stay on the roads and not break the line or exceed the speedlimit of the ATV's, they were adjusted to not go faster then 65 km/h although I think that was good concerning the whole group since some people had never driven an ATV before. There was some great scenery to see during the drive, then we went home and made a delicious and healthy meal, before it was time for my other adventure. Sightseeing with a fatbike around Longeyearbyn, was this to much for one day? It was quite easy to adopt to this electric fatbike and it was a wonderful feeling to experience great power even upphill. But it was very cold, I had to put on three jackets to keep warm in this Svalbard summer weather around 4 degrees and some cool wind. How will I stay warm for 5 hours was one of my thoughts. But then, when we stopped, our guide asked us if we wanted to turn home or experience the last part of the road. I was ready to turn home. But I am glad that I didnt, we experienced a more playful road, the sun came through and the company was good. Among them were one Spanish guy who wanted to move to Lofoten and work as a guide and one girl from the Netherlands who was in to kitesurfing, our french guide and a couple from Austria, quite a mix. We had a nice sandwich at the end of the road and we also had the opportunity to see two reindeers. After that it was pure luck to bicycle home in the sunlight, this tour was a total of 40 km and I still felt good, although a little sore in my bum. The rest of the evening I spent with Captain Morgans softdrink and a bag of trailmix.

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