Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Svalbard, day 1

170815 I was looking forward to a realaxing train ride to CPH airport, but it was the opposite, there was a ongoing festival in Malmö, so the train was crammed with people. But the flight from Copenhagen to Oslo went well and I was picked up by my sister and her adventure friend. Before we drove to another very friendly couple that my sister knew. Where we got nice food, nice company and a great place to sleep.

170816 Today it was time to leave Oslo and fly from Gardemoen airport, its was a beautiful airport with clean new design, we tried to buy some cider in the dutyfree shop but we where not allowed too? Once we arrived at Logeyearbyns airport the weather was very cloudy and the temperature about 4 degrees, not much to see except a welcoming rainbow. The village was not that picturesque, there was a lot of old mining equipment, although I could see some beauty in that too. We checked in at our place Coal miners cabin, they had very friendly staff but our three bed room was very cramped, not much more space there except for three beds, I guess this was a low budget place. We decided to walk around and explore Longeyearbyen and to look for the warning signs for polar bears. We also visited the local grocery store and bought some food, here it was easy to buy cider, here it was considered the same as a softdrink? It was good to walk around but it was a little bit chilly since it was quite windy, maybe more then 10 m/s at moments. According to one person, around 2600 people are living on Svalbard and around 3500 polar bears. It felt a little bit unusual to experience the midnight sun, it was even more light during the night than it had been during the daytime. One curious thing also happened this day, I got an unexpected call from an old yogi friend, A guy that had isolated himself for a long time to focus on his inside world and his inner process. It seemed he was ready to get out inte society again...

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